Sri Lanka Institute of service management was inaugurated in January 2017 and is a corporation registered under the Companies Act. The Institute’s main focus is improving education, research and practices in service management. These are to be achieved by conducting professional examinations, seminars/workshops, conferences, training programs, and research and management guidance publications.

In Sri Lanka, the services sector consisting of tourism and hospitality services, communication and IT services, health care services, public services, educational services, banking/financial/insurance services, transportation/distribution services, legal/accounting/other professional services, and retail servicescontributes nearly 60% to the Sri Lanka’s GDP, and is expected to lead the national economic development efforts.


Develop curricula, conducting training, development and testing Programs, promote research and disseminate new knowledge and continuous professional development programs by SLISM and with its certified training partners and certify individuals as professionals & practitioners for both local and global service sector organizations in collaboration with private, pubic and non-governmental organizations locally and overseas.

Our Vision

Vision - Man holding Sri Lankan Flag

Our Vision

Make Sri Lanka an Iconic Nation for Service Excellence

Our Objectives

  • to promote public interest in, and to increase public awareness of, the importance of effective service management in Sri Lanka;
  • to promote improvements in service management practices, research, education and training in private, public and educational organizations other than  in the primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka ;
  • to bring together professional service managers of the public and private sectors, and academics teaching and conducting research on service management to provide input and advice on improving service management practices, education, research and training in Sri Lanka and other countries/regions. To this extent, SLISM will convene and organize conferences and seminars  regularly for all sectors to bring in their best practices, research and ideas;
  • to be a resource center for the development of service management practices, education, research and training in Sri Lanka that will establish a database of research, case studies and best practices on service management;
  • to coordinate efforts towards improving service management practices, education, research and training in Sri Lanka with the government organizations , chambers of commerce, and other institutes and other  in Sri Lanka engaged in promoting ,  management, marketing, and human resource development;
  • to publish resource guides for university and vocational education level service management courses, short term certificate level programs, and training sessions for private and public sector managers and employees, and Sri Lanka Journal of Service Management, which will be the forum for academic research, case studies, and best practices in service management in Sri Lanka;
  • to promote customer relations and service management excellence with suitable programs, measurements and awards; and
  • to take such other measures as may be necessary for the accomplishment of all or any of the objects of the Institute.